Georgina Prats

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As an enthusiastic archaeologist, I completed a degree in History (2009) and a Master (Heritage and Local Development, 2011) and a PhD (Territory, Heritage and Culture, 2017) in Archaeology in the University of Lleida (UdL). My current research interest is the study of social dynamics in the past through the study of storage. I am interested in past agriculture, but particularly in productivity, surplus and food security issues.

My PhD research, directed by Natàlia Alonso, focused on the socioeconomic analysis of changes in underground storage practices. I researched the role of storage pits from early farmers to the iron age in the NW Mediterranean region. The development of a methodological approach of storage capacity analysis has been specially relevant.

I am a member of the Prehistoric Research Group (GIP-UdL) and I have participated in several projects and excavations related to Prehistoric and Protohistoric agriculture, crop husbandry systems and experimental archaeology in Catalonia and France. I have also participated in an ethnoarchaeological project in Souidat (Tunis), where we recorded agroalimentary practices such as the grinding and storing process.

As a postdoctoral researcher of the PLANTCULT project I’m compiling ethnographic data on the processes of plant milling with hand mills in different parts of the world. One of the aims is to connect the ethnological experience of grinding technologies with specific archaeological, textual and experimental data. Recently I have started new projects for the FNSNF funded AgriChange Project (University of Basel).







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