Presentations of project PLANTCULT by S.M. Valamoti 


S. M. Valamoti, PlantCult and its first achievements, Presentation at the postgraduate seminar of the Department of History of Art and Archaeology in Sorbonne, Paris 1.


S. M. Valamoti, Plants and people in the prehistoric landscape of northern Greece: from the dense forests of the Neolithic to the fields and pastures of the historic period. 8th Congress of the Hellenic Ecological Society (HELECOS). 20-23 October 2016. Aristotle Universtiy of Thessaloniki.


S.M. Valamoti, Plant food cultures of the Peloponnese from the Neolithic to historic times: exploring the archaeobotanical and textual evidence within the framework of the ERC funded project PLANTCULT, Uppsala, 4-6 October 2016, in the context of the ‘Modelling the Peloponnese Workshop’.


Sorbonne 2018


Uppsala 2016



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