December 2017, discussing PLANTCULT with archaeologists in Vienna.

S.M.Valamoti met Dr Kerstin Kowarik and Dr Hans Reschreiter at the Vienna Natural History Museum, discussed mutual interests on prehistoric food and had the privilege of a guided tour to the finds of 'The Kingdom of Salt', i.e. the finds from Hallstatt and its salt mines. Photos show Hans Reschreiter and Tania Valamoti examining the 'end product', i.e. fecal remains, of a meal made of barley, millet and Celtic bean stew including chunks of meat on the bone. Kerstin proudly shows Tania the huge wooden Hallstatt spoon with which stews were stirred during cooking inside the salt mine.


Read more: Kern, A., Kowarik K., Rausch, A, Reschreiter, H. 2009. Kingdom of Salt, 7000 years of Hallstatt. Vienna, Natural History Museum.



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