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Monday 28th of February 2022

PlantCult: Investigating the Plant Food Cultures of Ancient Europe

Completion of ERC project PlantCult meeting

On the occasion of the completion of ERC project PlantCult we organise a scientific meeting via ZOOM.


PlantCult researchers will present their results and we invite you to attend and find out what we have learnt about Cooking with Plants in Prehistoric Europe.



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Research at the School of History and Archaeology: 3-day event.

Valamoti et al. Το ερευνητικό πρόγραμμα PlantCult: μια διεπιστημονική προσέγγιση των φυτικών τροφίμων της αρχαίας Ευρώπης (χρηματοδότηση ERC CoG GA682529, 2016-2021)


PLANTCULT & LIRA Scientific Work

The scientific work carried out in PlantCult was presented today in an event co-organised by PlantCult and LIRA Lab at the Museum of Casts of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The lecture theatre was full of students and colleagues from Archaeology and other faculties. Professor Mavroskoufis, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Eleni Papagiani, the Head of the Department of Archaeology and Prof. Vassilis Gounaris, Head of the School of History and Archaeology, honoured the event with their presence and their wishes to LIRA lab and its projects.

A special session was dedicated to project SITO, in collaboration with the Food Science Department and Thrace Flourmills and Olyra (from the industry sector). Athina Lazaridou, Costas Biliaderis, Kali Kotsiou, Vaso Sereti from the Department of Food Science at AUTH presented project SITO and their collaboration with PlantCult. We were all extremely lucky to be offered by the Food Science team experimental breads they prepared with the PlantCult sourdough and different combinations that form part of the experimental parametres we investigate in PlantCult. They also treated us with cheese produced by other Food Science colleagues while the wine offered to the participants is produced by the School of Agronomy vineyards. Olyra offered us special cookies inspired by work on ancient sources, cookies that can only be found in the USA. So both mind and palate were pleased during our very successful event.

Vasilopita 2020

On Friday the 31st of January the PlantCult team based at AUTH had the traditional, annual Vassilopita ritual, at CIRI/KEDEK where PlantCult's team is based. The lucky coin was in Anna's piece of pie, Ismini's baby daughter who accompanied her mother to the meeting.

Happy New Year everybody!!


November & December 2019

Tania Valamoti communicated PlantCult and its ongoing research at two meetings in November and December 2019.

At the Exhibition and Conference on Aromatic, Medicinal Plants, Mushrooms and their product, Tania presented Medicinal plants of prehistoric Greece at an event and conference organised by the prefecture of Kozani (29-30 November 2019) titled Φαρμακευτικά και Αρωματικά φυτά της Προϊστορικής Βόρειας Ελλάδας: πρόσφατες έρευνες στο πλαίσιο του ερευνητικού προγράμματος PlantCult (Medicinal and Aromatic plants of prehistoric northern Greece: recent research in the context of project PlantCult). 

At the 15th Ηellenic Nutrition and Dietetics Congress (14 December 2019) she presented an overview of plant foods from prehistoric Greece with recent highlights from ongoing research by the PlantCult team.

The title of her presentation was:Αρχαίοι σπόροι: από την προϊστορική Ελλάδα στο σύγχρονο τραπέζι (Ancient Grains: from prehistoric Greece to the modern table)


At both meetings Tania had the chance to discuss the significance of PlantCult's scientific output for promoting traditional plant foods and realising the ever changing culinary 'foodscapes' from prehistory to the present.



PlantCult will present prehistoric medicinal and aromatic plants of northern Greece in a meeting organised by the Prefecture of Western Macedonia, northern Greece and the Municipality of Kozani.






Chrisa Petridou and Angeliki Karathanou, PlantCult and LiraLAB members, presented aspects of Greek prehistoric diet to the local people of the beautiful Agios Georgios Nileias, Pelion, in a public-open event hosted by Giorgos Triantafyllou and the Aloni Theatre also featuring trafitional threshing, ancient greek music and plant-based food our distant past. More info about the Aloni Theatre can be found here (in Greek): Θέατρο Αλώνι




PlantCult will be presented to the 84th International Fair of Thessaloniki on Sunday the 15th of September, Pavilion no 12, at 13:00. All welcome!



PlantCult and AUTH's L.I.R.A. lab are collaborating with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki towards the exploration of the cuisine of ancient colonies in northern Greece in the exhibition titled: From the South to the North: Colonies of the Cyclades in the Northern Aegean.

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PLANTCULT is networking with the business world in an event organised by NBG Business Seeds, OKThess, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Event's Programm


New Year's Pie


The annual PlantCult vassilopita was shared among the participants of the meeting and Clemence Pagnoux, PlantCult postdoctoral researcher and specialist in morphometrics was the lucky one to find the coin.
Wishes for great luck to all her goals for 2019!!


PLANTCULT has been invited to participate to the

Round-table and Science café “Food: the human diet”,

organised by the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) in the frame of the ERC=Science² project, on Friday 18th January 2019.

More details here: http://usamvcluj.ro/index.php/evenimente/icalrepeat.detail/2019/01/18/336/-/food-the-human-diet-round-table-and-science-cafe

The draft programme of this event will be as follows:

10h00 - 10h15
Welcome address by the organisers, USAM and EMUNI
Presentation of the ERC=Science² project - Theme FOOD
Introductory words by Ms. Ioana Ispas, European Affairs counselor, Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation (tbc)

10h15 - 11h15 - Round-table

Speakers (10-15 min per speaker):
Amanda Georganna Henry, Universiteit Leiden (NL)
Soultana Maria Valamoti, Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis (GR)
Dulce Freire, University of Lisbon (PT)
Nastasia Belc, National R&I Institute on Food Bioresources (RO)

Moderators:Dan Vodnar and Andrei Mihalca

11h15 - 12h - Science-café
Informal exchanges between the speakers and the public

Νew Year's Pie KEDEK



AUTH in the CITY: Cooking with seeds in prehistoric times

How did people cook in prehistoric Greece? Did they drink beer or wine? We are inviting you to a journey back in time, exploring the plant ingredients of prehistoric Greece through ERC project PLANTCULT and the EDAE Laboratory


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  Sunday 07.09.2018


  11.00 am - 17.00 pm


  Aristotelous Square, P.14




Discovering KEDEK and its teams

A special event was held at KEDEK on the 4th of July where teams presented their labs as well as their research and research teams. It was really nice getting together. PLANTCULT is the only project from the Humanities hosted at KEDEK and we are really proud of that as well as grateful for having space at this very special building and its fantastic facilities.


PlantCult meets The RoadTrip Project, April 19th 2018



On Thursday the 19th of April, PLANTCULT met the Road Trip Project members who are travelling along the Mediterranean Route.

After exploring the markets of Thessaloniki City Centre the teams had headed towards the University Campus where the travellers had the chance to talk to students of AUTH and taste plant-based foods with ingredients used in prehistoric times.


About the Roadtrip Project:




Relevant Media:






PlantCult Research Presentation, at Cast Museum, Faculty of Philosophy, April 18th 2018.

The Partners and researchers of PLANTCULT presented their research goals and first result in a warm event organised at the Faculty of Philosophy after the initiative of the Chair of the School of History and Archaeology, Professor Emmanuel Voutiras, the Head of the Department of Archaeology Professor Natalia Poulou and the PLANTCULT team.

Hans-Peter Stika and Marian Berihuete Azorin presented their exciting research on Gruenkern, ethnographic, experimental and archaeological. Beer from Hochdorf and the development of a methodology to recognise the different beer making steps in the archaeobotanical record featured in the talk of Hans-Peter Stika who also delivered the talk on Central European Breads that Andi Heiss prepared. Andi Heiss was unfortunately unable to travel and the PLANTCULT team wishes him to get better soon.

PhD students and postdoctoral researchers presented the work of the different PLANTCULT teams: Chryssa Petridou (with the collaboration of E. Marinova, I. Hristova and Tz. Popova) presented the work on the SE European food remains; she also presented a short version of the postdoctoral research on central European food remains by Ferran Antolin. Maria Ntinou together with Clemence Pagnoux discussed the PLANTCULT research on arboriculture, Tasoula Dimoula her research on cooking devices in collaboration with the whole team of cooking devices: E. Kalogiropoulou, Sandra Prevost Dermarkar, Vivi Yiouni, Zoi Tsirtsoni. Danai Chondrou presented on behalf of the very active team researching grinding equipment (Tassos Bekiaris, Ismini Ninou, Maria Bofill, Toni Palomo, Georgina Prats Ferrando, N. Alonso, H. Prokopiou) the many aspects of their research on grinding technologies and Professor Vassilis Fyntikoglou presented the investigations carried out on plant foods from Ancient Texts.

Tasos Bekiaris and Nikos Katsikaridis prepared, as always, a very elegant program together with an explanation of the dishes offered at the end of the event. They have been a great team throughout the first two years of PLANTCULT and as PLANTCULT webmasters make sure that all our events and activities are beautifully illustrated and promptly presented to the wider scientific community and the public.

The event was a great success and the prelude to what followed on the 19th of April when PlantCULT met the Road Trip project participants, Louis from Belgium and Louisa from Berlin.

Tania Valamoti and the PLANTCULT team wish to thank all those who worked for the preparation of the event, the many students and colleagues who participated and learned about the project's goals and had the chance to speak to the PLANTCULT researchers.


Download the Program


Cooking with seeds in prehistoric times

What types of plants constituted the ingredients of prehistoric people's cuisine? In what way were the various plant-foods cooked in prehistoric Greece? Did people drink beer or wine? We invite you to an experiential journey to the prehistoric cuisine and the plant ingredients of prehistoric diet, as they are revealed through the PLANTCULT research program (ERC) implemented at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since April 2016. This research program (Consolidator Grant, GA 682529), funded by the European Research Council (ERC) within the context of Horizon 2020, aims to explore the dietary cultures in prehistoric Europe through an interdisciplinary study of culinary practices of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

In the context of FOODTHESS a Christmas fair was organised at the foyer of the building of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. PLANTCULT presented its aims and a colourful range or seeds, grains, fruits and nuts available in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age of Greece. Lilian Samara, responsible for the Tourism Section of the Municipality of Thessaloniki embraced the ERC funded team of the Aristotle University with enthusiasm and further activities and events connecting PLANTCULT, gastronomy and tourism will be scheduled. The Mayor of Thessaloniki, chemist Yannis Boutaris, visited PlantCULT at the fair and expressed his interest and desire for future joint events and activities. Food journalist and TV persona Eleni Psychouli, known for her TV show on SKY TV (Σεφ στον Αέρα -Chef on Air) was introduced to our research and was photographed with the team. TV 100 interviewed PI Tania Valamoti and presented PLANTCULT via the news broadcast on Saturday the 25th of November. Many people visited our stand and expressed their interest in our research. We had two days to communicate our research with the public with great success.


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  Saturday-Sunday, 25-26.11.2017


  11.00 am - 18.00 pm


  The New City Hall of Thessaloniki (foyer)


Press Release (in Greek)








AUTH in the CITY: Cooking with seeds in prehistoric times

How did people cook in prehistoric Greece? Did they drink beer or wine? We are inviting you to a journey back in time, exploring the plant ingredients of prehistoric Greece through ERC project PLANTCULT.

[event's program]


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  Sunday, 8.10.2017


  12.00-15.00 & 17.30-20.00 pm


  Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki

auth in the city 720x280

Pella, brithplace of Alexander the Great

PLANTCULT participates in the special event 'Pella, brithplace of Alexander the Great', under the Alexander-Aristotle Action organised by the Region of Central Macedonia - division of Development, Environment and Tourism- and the Archaeological Museum of Pella. S.M. Valamoti will introduce the interested public in the range of plant foods known since prehistoric times in Macedonia in a short talk titled: Food habits in Ancient Macedonia. The talk will take place in front of specially prepared dishes inspired by prehistoric ingredients and modern recipes of the cuisine of Central Macedonia.

[event's poster] [event's program in Greek]


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  Thursday 5.10.2017

time  18.30 

ven  Archaeological Museum of Pella


Relevant media: 






9 2 calendar png file 16.07.2017

time 10:00 - 18:00

ven Odenwälder open-air Museum in Walldürn-Gottersdorf (http://www.freilandmuseum.com/)


Grünkernfest - It is the biggest festival in the Odenwälder open-air Museum. The highlight is the Grünkern roasting in a historical kiln, with demonstrations of handicraft history, children's games and, of course, Grünkern specialties. The roasting is performed by Jürgen Stätzler, whose family has produced Grünkern for decades and who still roasts traditionally.

Announcing the success of PLANTCULT proposal to Archaeology undergraduates in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, January 2016. The event involved food tasting with foods made of plant ingredients encountered in prehistoric Greece. The foodstuffs were prepared by the students of the Seminar of Prehistoric Archaeology (APR606) on the occasion of completing the winter-term courses.

New Year's celebration/Vasilopita ritual, at ΚΕΔΕΚ, Balkan Center, Building A, 3d floor, January 26, 2017

Workshop on experimental archaeolgy regarding the importance of fire for prehistoric cooking practices (together with Chr. Matzanas)

(more info)


9 2 calendar png file  Suturday 22.10.2016

time  11.00 am

ven  Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki






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