Maria Bofill Martinez

Maria Bofill photoBorn in Eivissa (Spain) in 1985, I completed a degree in History (2007) and a Master and a PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology (2008, 2015) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. My current research interest is the study of macrolithic technology as a key element to analyze economic and social transformation from the Neolithic period onwards. Between 2007 and 2011, I have participated in excavations and studies of archaeological artefacts related to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age in Syria and Lebanon; projects such as tell Halula (directed by Prof. Miquel Molist –Aut. Univ. of Barcelona), Jerf el Ahmar and tell Aswad (codirected by Prof. Danielle Stordeur –CNRS- and Bassam Jamous – DGAM Damascus-), and tell Arqa (directed by Jean Paul Thalmann – Univ. Paris I La Sorbonne). During my PhD, directed by Miquel Molist and Haris Procopiou, I have investigated the role of grinding processes and grinding tool production in relation to the appearance and consolidation of agricultural societies in the Near East. Especially relevant has been the development of a new methodological approach of use-wear analysis based on a multi-scale observation system of grinding surfaces. Recently I have started new projects about prehistoric communities in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia (Spain).

I currently work as a PLANTCULT postdoctoral research assistant coordinating the grinding experiments, and conducting use-wear analysis of experimental and archaeological grinding stone tools.






Project Partners

Hans-Peter Stika

Hans-Peter Stika

Assistant Lecturer of Archaeobotany, University of Hohenheim Read More
Stefi Jacomet

Stefi Jacomet

Professor of Archaeobotany, Basel University Read More
Andreas Heiss

Andreas Heiss

Scientific collaborator, Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Read More
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  • Grinding Tools & Cooking Facilities

    Grinding Tools & Cooking Facilities

    The project will address variability and change of food preparation technologies, by assembling information on grinding stone tools, cooking facilities
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  • Ethnography & Ancient texts

    Ethnography & Ancient texts

    Ethnographic fieldwork will offer insights into traditional ways of transforming plants into food, daily meals as well as food for
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  • Experimentation


    The Project will experiment with processing and cooking different plant species, generating different kinds of recipes and end-products.
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