Evita Kalogiropoulou

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


evitaMy particular research focus lies on the study of Greek Neolithic cooking facilities (hearths, ovens) as complementary means of investigating the formation of social spaces and how different forms of habitus or different kinds of human-things entanglements tells us something of how daily living was structured in prehistoric societies. For the study of these features, I am applying an integrated methodology of morphological and functional examination, petrographic study and provenance, together with spatial and contextual analysis. At PlantCult project this methodology will be applied in a broad geographical region that mainly covers south-east Europe and will be further enhanced with experimental studies.




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Academia: https://auth.academia.edu/EvitaKalogiropoulou

Project Partners

Hans-Peter Stika

Hans-Peter Stika

Assistant Lecturer of Archaeobotany, University of Hohenheim Read More
Stefi Jacomet

Stefi Jacomet

Professor of Archaeobotany, Basel University Read More
Andreas Heiss

Andreas Heiss

Scientific collaborator, Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences Read More
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  • PlantFoods


    The project will examine an impressive body of actual food remains and will generate a solid methodological tool for ancient
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  • Grinding Tools & Cooking Facilities

    Grinding Tools & Cooking Facilities

    The project will address variability and change of food preparation technologies, by assembling information on grinding stone tools, cooking facilities
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  • Ethnography & Ancient texts

    Ethnography & Ancient texts

    Ethnographic fieldwork will offer insights into traditional ways of transforming plants into food, daily meals as well as food for
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  • Experimentation


    The Project will experiment with processing and cooking different plant species, generating different kinds of recipes and end-products.
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