Internal PLANTCULT workshop and Consortium meeting, 16-17 February 2018, University of Hohenheim, Germany.

Tania Valamoti joined partners Hans-Peter Stika and Andreas Heiss at the University of Hohenheim for their annual consortium meeting, together with Ferran Antolin who represented Basel.

On this occasion a workshop was organised on the 16th of February where postdoctoral researcher Marian Berihuete Azorin presented her fascinating research on the ethnography of Gruenkern and on her charring experiments which will facilitate the interpretation of the archaeological finds. Ferran Antolin presented his work on recording and classifying in a first attempt the bread/resin/dung finds from Swiss lake dwellings. Elena Marinova, invited external collaborator to the project presented us with some fascinating finds of processed cereals from Hierankopolis in Egypt. Everything was covered in beautiful snow during our meeting.

Images: 1] Andreas Heiss presenting his research progress on ancient bread remains

2] S.M. Valamoti presenting the work conducted in PLANTCULT over the first 22 months during the internal workshop.

3] Internal PLANTCULT workshop and Consortium meeting.

4] Marian Berihuete Azorin presenting her research on charring experiments during the internal workshop.

5-6] Marian Berihuete Azorin discusses the SEM images she has obtained on modern charred spelt grains with Andreas Heiss, S.M. Valamoti, Hans-Peter Stika and Ferran Antolin during the second internal workshop held on Saturday, after the Consortium meeting.

7] First row, from left and counterclockwise: Marian Berihuete Azorin (UHOH), PI Soultana Maria Valamoti (AUTH), Andreas Heiss (OEAI), Hans-Peter Stika (UHOH) and Ferran Antolin (UNIBAS).

8-10] Sunday afternoon: food preparation equipment of Hawaii in the special exhibition of Linden Museum of Stuttgard was observed by the PLANTCULT partners S.M. Valamoti, H-P Stika and Andreas Heiss.




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