Ancient beer: multidisciplinary approaches for its identification in the archaeological record

A workshop in the context of ERC project PLANTCULT

Timeframe & Location: 08. & 09.02.2019, University of Hohenheim, Germany

Organizers: Hans-Peter Stika, Elena Marinova, Marian Berihuete, Chryssa Petridou, Andreas Heiss, Ferran Antolin, Soultana-Maria Valamoti

 A very productive workshop on ancient beer took place in Hohenheim, organised by the University of Hohenheim, the State Office for Cultural Heritage Baden-Wuertenberg and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Our host was Hans-Peter Stika, an expert in the study of ancient beer as long ago he studied sprouted barley grains from Hochdorf, sowing the seed for future research. One of PlantCult's lines of investigation is developing ways to identify ancient malt and malt products and a group of researchers working in PlantCult are working towards this goal. Marian Berihuete-Azorin, PlantCult's postdoc researcher based at Hohenheim, showed us an impressive collection she has prepared on experimental malt and 'malt-breads' she made available for all participants to examine during the workshop.

As all PlantCult Partners and PI were gathered together for this exciting two-day workshop, on day 3, Sunday the 10th of February, they met to hold their Consortium Meeting. Unfortunately Ferran Antolin is missing from the photo as he had to catch a train to Basel immediately after the meeting ended. His delicious Can Sadurni beer, however, was still there and we are all grateful to Ferran for this.






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