Ismini Ninou








I graduated from the department of History and Archaeology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2004) and I received my MA in Ceramic and Lithic Analysis for Archaeologists from the University of Southampton (2007) with specialization in neolithic ground stone analysis. I collaborated with the Greek Archaeological Service in various fieldwork in the framework of public works. I currently work on my PhD thesis on Early Neolithic ground stone artefacts in Western Macedonia.


Selected Publications

Νίνου, Ι., 2008 «Τα τριβεία του Δισπηλιού: Τυπολογία, προέλευση ερωτήματα» Ανάσκαμμα 1, σελ. 67-78

Analysis of Grinding Stones from Neolithic Sites of Northern Greece-Dispilio and Apsalos, MA Dissertation, University of Southampton, 2006



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