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Cooking with seeds in prehistoric times

What types of plants constituted the ingredients of prehistoric people's cuisine? In what way were the various plant-foods cooked in prehistoric Greece? Did people drink beer or wine? We invite you to an experiential journey to the prehistoric cuisine and the plant ingredients of prehistoric diet, as they are revealed through the PLANTCULT research program (ERC) implemented at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki since April 2016. This research program (Consolidator Grant, GA 682529), funded by the European Research Council (ERC) within the context of Horizon 2020, aims to explore the dietary cultures in prehistoric Europe through an interdisciplinary study of culinary practices of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

In the context of FOODTHESS a Christmas fair was organised at the foyer of the building of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. PLANTCULT presented its aims and a colourful range or seeds, grains, fruits and nuts available in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age of Greece. Lilian Samara, responsible for the Tourism Section of the Municipality of Thessaloniki embraced the ERC funded team of the Aristotle University with enthusiasm and further activities and events connecting PLANTCULT, gastronomy and tourism will be scheduled. The Mayor of Thessaloniki, chemist Yannis Boutaris, visited PlantCULT at the fair and expressed his interest and desire for future joint events and activities. Food journalist and TV persona Eleni Psychouli, known for her TV show on SKY TV (Σεφ στον Αέρα -Chef on Air) was introduced to our research and was photographed with the team. TV 100 interviewed PI Tania Valamoti and presented PLANTCULT via the news broadcast on Saturday the 25th of November. Many people visited our stand and expressed their interest in our research. We had two days to communicate our research with the public with great success.


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  Saturday-Sunday, 25-26.11.2017


  11.00 am - 18.00 pm


  The New City Hall of Thessaloniki (foyer)


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AUTH in the CITY: Cooking with seeds in prehistoric times

How did people cook in prehistoric Greece? Did they drink beer or wine? We are inviting you to a journey back in time, exploring the plant ingredients of prehistoric Greece through ERC project PLANTCULT.

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  Sunday, 8.10.2017


  12.00-15.00 & 17.30-20.00 pm


  Aristotelous Square, Thessaloniki

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Pella, brithplace of Alexander the Great

PLANTCULT participates in the special event 'Pella, brithplace of Alexander the Great', under the Alexander-Aristotle Action organised by the Region of Central Macedonia - division of Development, Environment and Tourism- and the Archaeological Museum of Pella. S.M. Valamoti will introduce the interested public in the range of plant foods known since prehistoric times in Macedonia in a short talk titled: Food habits in Ancient Macedonia. The talk will take place in front of specially prepared dishes inspired by prehistoric ingredients and modern recipes of the cuisine of Central Macedonia.

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  Thursday 5.10.2017

time  18.30 

ven  Archaeological Museum of Pella


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time 10:00 - 18:00

ven Odenwälder open-air Museum in Walldürn-Gottersdorf (


Grünkernfest - It is the biggest festival in the Odenwälder open-air Museum. The highlight is the Grünkern roasting in a historical kiln, with demonstrations of handicraft history, children's games and, of course, Grünkern specialties. The roasting is performed by Jürgen Stätzler, whose family has produced Grünkern for decades and who still roasts traditionally.

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Announcing the success of PLANTCULT proposal to Archaeology undergraduates in front of the Faculty of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, January 2016. The event involved food tasting with foods made of plant ingredients encountered in prehistoric Greece. The foodstuffs were prepared by the students of the Seminar of Prehistoric Archaeology (APR606) on the occasion of completing the winter-term courses.

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New Year's celebration/Vasilopita ritual, at ΚΕΔΕΚ, Balkan Center, Building A, 3d floor, January 26, 2017

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Workshop on experimental archaeolgy regarding the importance of fire for prehistoric cooking practices (together with Chr. Matzanas)

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9 2 calendar png file  Suturday 22.10.2016

time  11.00 am

ven  Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki


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